Deep knowledge of the electrical industry

The company’s staff has tremendous knowledge of the energy sector and knows how to deal with the complex decision-making issues arising at both strategical and operational levels. How to successfully interact with electricity markets, how to control load and generation to avoid congestions and overvoltages, or even more tricky issues on your electrical grid, how to optimize your investments in generation and storage; all these complex tasks, fall into the company’s field of expertise. Our deep knowledge of the energy sector has been acquired thanks to several years of close collaboration with many industrial partners.

Artificial intelligence and optimisation

Blacklight Analytics has exceptional levels of technical expertise in mathematical programming, optimization, machine learning and, more generally, artificial intelligence (AI). Our seasoned engineers have experience in applying those cutting-edge techniques to real-world problems. They are aware of the latest advances in these actively researched fields and always provide the optimum solutions to the problems at hand.

Software engineering

Software engineering is at the core of our business. We build quality software that matches increasingly demanding industry standards. Our engineers are committed to deliver the most appropriate solution to address customer needs and to quickly adapt to changing requirements.


We provide automated decision-making tools for the planning and management of electrical networks.

Our tools leverage state of the art predictive analytics algorithms to optimize both your strategical and operational decisions.

Computation of hosting capacities in distribution networks

Global Capacity Announcement (GCAN) is our solution to help distribution system operators plan the capacity of renewable energy that their electrical network can accommodate without compromising operational limits. The GCAN web application integrates DSOs data to provide essential features such as rich visualization of the distribution network, what-if analysis, concise reporting, and much more. Depending on your IT requirements, the platform can be hosted on your server infrastructure or in the cloud.

Active electrical network management

We develop tailored Active Network Management (ANM) solutions that prevent congestion and voltage issues by means of smart decision-making algorithms. Such solutions increase the share of distributed and renewable energy generation that DSOs can host in their network while avoiding prohibitive infrastructure reinforcement costs. Our ANM scheme can furthermore exploit the flexibility of loads and storage devices to decrease the reliance on generation curtailment and reduce operational costs.